Living Objects & Furniture – timeless accents in your interior

In a world characterized by fast fashion, fast food and constantly fast forward, Living Objects & Furniture deliberately presses pause.  To unwind.  To fully grasp the world around us. This results in designs that excel at purity. Picture this: few lines, interesting and soft color palettes.

With that vision in mind, we go beyond the idea of collections. Living Objects & Furniture focuses on interior pieces with a timeless character transcending trends. We fully pursue a durability that every interior design lover will adore, over and over again.

As a Belgian brand, simplicity is at our core and what makes us stand out. Our cushions, plaids, bowls, and all other items of our collection are hand crafted.  Their distinctive design will make our items the eyecatchers in your interior. Mass production is something we avoid deliberately. Our in-house designed pieces are all manufactured in artisanal weaving mills and hand crafted in small businesses in Europe.  Our collection will ensure that your customers’ home can perfectly keep its own identity.

Our vision

More and more people are getting tired of seeing the same furniture and interior accessories whenever you enter the houses of neighbors, family and friends or browse through a home deco magazine. Keeping and expressing your own identity is gaining importance, also in our interiors.  With Living Objects & Furniture we want to support that individuality.  Our bespoke collection with custom made pieces will help you to stand out and fully reflect your personality now also in your interior.

Living Objects & Furniture brings a balanced mix of subtle pieces and eyecatchers, suggesting how an interior ideally could look like: timeless and subtle, elegant and comforting, however with some eccentric accents. Our magnificent collection of harmonious plains, subtly designed prints and exquisitely crafted embroideries or jacquards has been designed in harmony with the other items in the collection, whatever the style or pattern.

Our mission

Become your own stylist in your own home. With our collection we want to give you the tools to combine colours and textures to create your own unique, personal touch and to redesign the most beautiful of contemporary interiors with your personal vision.  Your very own mix & match, using your own selections, boundlessly creative, in line with the Living Objects & Furniture style.

Personalization and bespoke furniture is inseparably connected with our vision. We offer you a unique collection that is characterized by its changeability.  A little twist, slight changes in color, finish or embroidery or even dimensions made to measure will make your bespoke cushion completely personal.  Like that your Living Objects & Furniture piece becomes entirely you!

Our values

Living Objects & Furniture stands for affordable luxury of undisputable quality, with contemporary yet classic design that can stand the test of time. By its purity in design our collection transcends short lived fads.  The colours and patterns of our fabric are design so to make it easy to combine pieces and use them throughout your home.